About Us

I have a close group of neighborhood buddies and we house swap for happy hours often. We have one ornery friend in particular who insists on controlling the Alexa music whenever we get together.

A few years ago, we developed a two-deck video mixer on a laptop where a DJ can easily mix and cast a video playing to a TV as a 2nd monitor using an HDMI cable. Unfortunately, though, it’s hard to monetize a DJ video mixer to the masses.

One day while hanging out, the same ornery friend was casting YouTube music videos from his phone to his living room TV. When I asked him if I could play the next video, he reluctantly tossed his phone to me. After taking up additional time by asking him his phone password, finding his YouTube App, and then at last clicking on the music video I wished to play, his temper rose to a level 10. His video was immediately cut off when I played mine, and instead of going straight to the music, an advertisement delayed the start even further, only then finally playing my Depeche Mode video that he hated.

We have created an app to prevent situations like this from happening ever again. Anyone can now download the WeDj.tv app to their TV and kick off the party by casting the first video to your living room, bar, or pub TV. WeDj.tv not only elevates your party atmosphere by displaying the videos or lyrics on your TV, but also allows all guests to participate and have veto power over the music.

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