How to Host

1. Ensure you have an Amazon firestick connected to your TV HDMI port. (You must use a Firestick with Fire OS 6.0 or higher for WeDj to load.)
2. On your Amazon Firestick, install the downloader App.
downloader App

3. Open the Downloader app and in the search box, type in and install the app to your TV
4. Install the WeDj app
5. Once installed, browse for the WeDj app and login using your email and password.
6. From your mobile device go to, login and search for a video to add to the queue
7. This video will then display on your TV ready to click and play.
TV ready
8. Other players can go to from their phones or scan this QR code to add videos to the queue by using this room code listed below.
WeDj App